Jonathan Dyer
The famous Schloss Heidelberg
The Genesis of Nick Temple File no. 6, The Heidelberg Gap The process of starting to write another book is never the same. Last night and this morning I was mentally paging through the typical spy novel plots and titles just for the hell of it. None of the results were particularly surprising. Plots included...
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The cover of The Shadow Chamber, Nick Temple File number 5
The Shadow Chamber is Available on Amazon! The Shadow Chamber, as of about noon today, is available on Amazon as an ebook. This never gets old, at least not for me. As an independent author, I have complete control over the release process. I don’t have to wait on anyone else’s timetable. I don’t have...
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The Timeless Beauty of the Kona Waterfront
Once a First Draft is Done Finishing a first draft of a novel is immensely satisfying. Getting all of those thoughts connected in a meaningful way and then getting them down on paper, or more likely in some sort of electronic document format, is like coming out into the light at the end of a...
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The author pitching at the age of twelve
A Tale of Two Triples (Author’s note: This is an article I wrote for a fantasy baseball blog back in 2012. I’m posting it as the Major League Baseball season opens in truncated fashion due to covid-19.) During a night game on April 20th, the Oakland A’s Jemile Weeks hit a triple against the Cleveland...
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A picture of the Berlin Wall at the Brandenburg Gate from 1985
Writing Backwards The first chapter I wrote in The Shadow Chamber was one of the last chapters in the book. And I recently wrote what will be the last chapter in the book with only about half of the 1st draft finished. Since then I have found that much of what I’m doing is writing...
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