"The best of Soviet era espionage"

– Lieutenant General (Retired) Bennet Sacolick, US Army, Special Forces

The Heidelberg Gap
Nick Temple File no. 6

1968. The Soviet Union brutally crushes the “Prague Spring” with more than 5,000 tanks and 200,000 combined Warsaw Pact forces with more in reserve and ready to join the fray. Nick Temple, a visiting lecturer at the University of Heidelberg, uncovers the sudden clandestine movement of Soviet sleeper cells in West Germany. The stage is set for a massive invasion of the West by the Red Army, with nothing more than a small team of CIA agents standing in their way.

Jonathan Dyer joined the Army’s intelligence branch in 1981. He studied Russian at the Defense Language Institute before receiving additional training at the National Security Agency. 

Loglines for six screenplays by Jonathan Dyer ranging from a contemporary rom-com to a gut-wrenching historical drama.

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