"The best of Soviet era espionage"

– Lieutenant General (Retired) Bennet Sacolick, US Army, Special Forces

The Shadow Chamber - The Newest Nick Temple File Novel!
A Nick Temple File

1966. Rumors are swirling around on both sides of the Iron Curtain about the existence of a top-secret American database detailing every active covert CIA operation in Europe. The database is stored at the U.S. Army’s Foreign Area Officer School, “Detachment R”, in the sleepy Bavarian Alpine village of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Its existence is so secret that only three men in the world can confirm its location. As America’s enemies begin to zero in on the database, Garmisch is transformed from a charming winter playland into a Cold War battlefield. Who will be willing to pay the ultimate price for a shot at the files in the Shadow Chamber?

Treason, addiction, defection, infidelity, and murder are in the air, while a refugee from Yugoslavia, a compromised U.S. Army officer, the KGB, and Stasi are circling, waiting for the right moment to grab what could be the Cold War’s biggest prize. 

Jonathan Dyer joined the Army’s intelligence branch in 1981. He studied Russian at the Defense Language Institute before receiving additional training at the National Security Agency. 

Loglines for six screenplays by Jonathan Dyer ranging from a contemporary rom-com to a gut-wrenching historical drama.

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