A few years back, I decided to try my hand at screenwriting. Since then I’ve written half a dozen feature-length screenplays in a variety of genres. The personal genesis of each is unique, and the variety of genres reflects my basic view that irrespective of the format employed, the central task of a writer is to tell a good story.

LOST & FOUND – What would you do to get back the one that got away? A man and a woman, reunited a decade after walking away from an intense summer romance, search for love, redemption, and a dog named Rocky.

MERCY RULE – A comical, end-of-summer softball game pitting the perennial local losers against the town’s ringer-packed powerhouse marks both an end and a beginning for four life-long friends, about to go their separate ways after high school.

KEEPERS OF THE FLAME – A young rebel, banished after refusing to comply with the government’s mandatory eternal life program, is either a wandering outcast searching for like-minded souls, or a government plant whose mission is to destroy the last pockets of resistance to the program.

THE BONUS ARMY – During the Great Depression, a World War I vet and thousands of his fellow vets journey to Washington, D.C., looking for some help from their government, only to have their hopes crushed in a way that shocks the conscience of America. 

SWITCHBACK – At the height of the Cold War, a CIA agent fakes his defection to snare a colleague whose treachery is destroying America’s clandestine intelligence network. 

THE HOLY LANCE – A CIA desk jockey whose career is hanging by a thread stumbles across a plot to restore Imperial Russia to its former glory through the power of the mythical Holy Lance.

Please contact Mr. Dyer,  if you are interested in any of the screenplays. Please specify which screenplay(s) you are interested in, the nature of your interest, some brief information about you, and whether you’d like either a sample or an entire screenplay to review.

Please note that Mr. Dyer owns the copyrights to these works. Thank you for your interest