Two Nick Temple Files, a Novella, and a 21st Century Thriller

Starting tomorrow, December 16th, four of my books will be available for free as ebooks for five days. The books are: The Holy Lance, a 21st century thriller about a shadowy cabal of Russian oligarchs plotting to reestablish the Romanov dynasty after locating a direct patrilineal heir of Peter the Great; Judging Paradise, a post-modern existential novella that chronicles a chaotic Thanksgiving on the fictitious Caribbean island of Santa Clara; The Heraklion Gambit, Nick Temple File no. 2, a Cold War Thriller about a Soviet plot to invade the island of Crete in a bold gambit to assert hegemony over the eastern Mediterranean; and Silent Vector, Nick Temple File no. 3, another Cold War Thriller about a biological warfare attack on the U.S. mainland using the Cuban Missile Crisis as cover. Download them all and treat yourself to a Merry Christmas!