Draft Cover for Nick Temple File no. 7

Front Cover and Spine of Nick Temple File no. 7

My writing process isn’t a steady, linear process. At times the words flow; at times the ideas flow; at times the questions flow; and at times nothing flows. During the slow times, I try to find some way to move things along. I can proof and/or edit what I have already written, or I can do some research, or I can outline additional material. With some books I commit myself to doing something every day. I’m not always able to live up to that commitment. Since I’m my own publisher, all of my deadlines are self-created. That means I am free to ignore any deadline I create and no penalty will attach to that decision.

Another aspect of being my own publisher is that I’m responsible for the interior layout and the exterior artwork. Designing a cover is fun. I don’t pretend to have any particular skill in that regard, and I certainly don’t have any training. But I do enjoy the design process. And, taking time to draft a cover for a book is one way to keep things moving along when the words don’t flow.

Today I drafted the cover for Nonessential Personnel, Nick Temple File no. 7. The basic design is the same as the six previous Nick Temple Files, one that was established by Coline LeConte when Carta Studios was my publisher. She and they were kind enough to allow me to use the same basic design when, after Nick Temple File no. 3, Carta Studios got out of the book publishing business. I’ve changed some fonts, picked a new photograph for the top 1/3 of the cover, and selected a background fill color. I like the results. So on a day when the writing isn’t going as well as I’d like, I still made progress on my next book. And that’s always a good thing.