The Heidelberg Gap Episodes on Kindle Vella

The Heidelberg Gap

I decided to try something different with the publication of Nick Temple File no. 6, The Heidelberg Gap. I’m releasing it serially, one episode at a time after having released episodes 1 through 4, via Kindle Vella. It’s an experiment in introducing a book in a different way. According to the Kindle Vella site, readers can read the first three episodes of any book posted there for free, so I went ahead and released those and one more. After the first three episodes, if a reader wants to continue with a title, they have to pay for the privilege. The first four episodes of the book are available here. Check them out; after, three of them are free!

Right now I’m thinking I’ll post a new episode every week starting with episode five in about a week. If that seems too long or two short between episodes I can always adjust. An available feature of each episode is the opportunity to leave a comment for the reader, something designed to enhance a reader’s experience. I’m doing that and I hope the results are positive.

Frankly, I’ve been having trouble finishing The Heidelberg Gap. I’ve got about 85% of it written, but I’ve been stymied on certain issues, mostly those leading up to the big finish. By releasing the book in this manner I’m forcing myself to resolve those remaining issues. In the past, my reaction to coming up against a brick wall has been to step away from the book for as long as it takes to get back to it and finish; in one instance it took more than two years. Well, I just turned 64, and I don’t see sitting around for the next two years hoping that something will come to me as being a winning strategy. Publishing one episode at a time via Kindle Vella gives me a process for both releasing and pushing me to finish the book that I haven’t had in the past, and for that I’m grateful. At the end of the day, if readers enjoy the format and sign on for more, I’ll certainly be grateful for that too.