More of My Poetry Published by The Writers Club

The Writers Club has published another poem of mine. This one, entitled “Resolve,” is a quick riff on conformity and adulthood, and it is below. This is the sixth poem of mine that they’ve published. I think it’s great that a platform like The Writers Club exists for all sorts of writing. It’s not only a great place for writers, it may be obvious that it’s also a great place for readers! Check out their extensive catalog of publications that includes a wide variety of writing types.


Change your hat, change your shirt,
Change your pants and shoes.
Grab a shave, brush your teeth,
Pay your union dues.
Sweep the hall, toss the trash,
Another coat of paint,
Until the world can only see
Something that you ain’t!

Birds at the edge of the surf in Santa Barbara
Birds Work the Tide in Santa Barbara