A Poem Here and There

A recent submission of mine to The Writers Club is their “Favorite Submission of The Week.” The poem, “Museum Piece,” was inspired by a walk along the South Carolina Coast one evening with my family, and my Uncle Tom, Aunt Anna, and my cousin Elizabeth. We passed a roped-off section in the dunes above the high tide mark. On the other side of the rope was a small, lovely stand of sea oats. The poem is below.

The Wild Sonoma Coast
The Sonoma, California Coast

Above the tides the sea oats stand,
frail fossils of a quiet day.
In guarded dunes and evening sand,
their final numbers on display
to guide a guilty memory
through scarring from our reckless past,
to present’s empty legacy
where each caged sample is the last.
We careless reaped the fragile grains
‘til only human chaff remained.