The Shadow Chamber is Available on Amazon!

The Shadow Chamber, as of about noon today, is available on Amazon as an ebook. This never gets old, at least not for me. As an independent author, I have complete control over the release process. I don’t have to wait on anyone else’s timetable. I don’t have to urge anyone else to make my work a priority. I don’t have to tread lightly lest someone take offense and either consciously or not adjust how they approach moving my project along. I’m well aware that my impatience is in many respects a character defect. Since I seem to be stuck with the defect, I am grateful that the process of getting a book to market once I have finished the creative process is, in the year 2020, remarkably swift and simple.

The cover of The Shadow Chamber, Nick Temple File number 5
The Shadow Chamber, Nick Temple File no. 5

Now that the book is done, some personal adjustments are necessary. For the last several weeks my focus has been nearly singular. I’ve spent many hours everyday writing, revising, editing, proofing, rewriting, contemplating, adjusting, and nitpicking the manuscript. I’d often spend an entire morning at the keyboard, leaving only as required by nature. I’d almost as often wake up at 1:00 a.m. and go at it for an hour or more. And I’d squeeze more work in before and after supper, while watching an old movie or a baseball game, and right before retiring for the night. The book, as it was revealing itself to me, was never far from the front of my mind. When I wasn’t writing, I was thinking about writing. As I zeroed in on my final effort, my focus kept getting narrower. Writing this book started with a broad idea and finished with a self-contained debate over capitalization of common foreign words. Now that’s it’s done, there’s a hole in my day, but I get my brain and energy back, maybe enough of both for Nick Temple File no. 6!

The Shadow Chamber is my 5th Nick Temple File. An idea that came to me when I was a Spec 4 in the U.S. Army working at Teufelsberg in Berlin back in 1984, when I was searching the airwaves for our Cold War adversaries, is the source for five books. That astonishes me. And, frankly, the Nick Temple idea has been a great personal gift in my life. It is impossible to overstate the joy and satisfaction I’ve experienced writing these books. My hope is, of course, that others will enjoy them as well. If that happens, great, but no sense getting too greedy. I’ll take what I’ve already received.